Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Short one line whatsapp status in hindi & English

Short one line whatsapp status in hindi & English

·       My door is always open so can meet at any time!..

·       Patience is not a virtue. !Its just waste of Time...

·       My attitude is always in my pocket!!!

·       All the Rules are made.. to be break.

·       Always respects your self!

·       !Brain is Work More When You can use.....

·       I don't drink alcohol! but Feel Awesome..

·       If your are still hate me!then No Problem!..

·       I want my Girlfriend like Google, She will understand me better.

·       Every problem comes with solution, but my GF don't have.

·       People say me bad…..but trust me I am the worst!

·       Phones are better than GF, At least we can switch it off...

·       I don’t care what people think or say about me!..

·       Every people is a intelligent,When he work Hard!

·       Life is too short Don't waste it updating status !

·       My GF will look beautiful in Adhaar Card

·       My Friend ask me, How is your life? I said she is fine.

·       All man are not fools, some stay bachelors.!

·       Don't talk to me B'coz I was attached easily!

·       Dream is not complete by sleeping!

·       Always try don't feel fail without try!

·       Don't think about tomorrow,Think about the now!

·       Failures are temporary ,But success is Permanent

·       There is "No" shortcut for Sucess..

·       Always Try to DO best in your Life..

·       Dil Cheer Ke DekH ....TeRa Hi NaaM likha HoGa.

·       Zindgi bhut choti hai....hamesha haste rahe!

·       Chinta na karo hamesha Kush Raho..

·       !Pyar kiya nahi jata pyar to ho jata hai....

·       !Life is not fair, but it is still good. ...

·       Love is like a Air ..We can't see it but! we can feel it..

·       Love is that which ,cannot see the poorness...

·       In life I need only you!

·       When I think about you...I don't feel so alone....

·       #Aap lehro ko to rokh nahi sakte, but terna sikh sakte hai.!